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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Look us up!

You know that most of us play around with Facebook a bit! We might pretend we don't look up a past partner just to see what they are up to, or maybe an old enemy to see if they have got their "comeuppance!" I am sure I have been guilty and stupid enough to do it

Stupid, because having once seen something you can't "unsee"  it, so it often has been a regret.
So I imagine there might be a few who do the same with me!! 
I do have a lot of "past"!

Theres no doubt, that my unpleasant ex husband did me a huge favour by buggering off to Spain nearly forty years ago! We were both pretty "sick tickets" during our marriage, two people who should never have had children together really, but we did -six of them! And I would not be without any one  of them. 

I don't care that he probably hated me, I wasn't too enamoured with him towards the end! In fact I think we both felt murderous towards each other!

But he left behind six wonderful bright funny beautiful children, and he hasn't seen them for over 30 years! There has never been a birthday card, Christmas card, graduation present,wedding present, "new baby" card. He was frightened of having to pay maintenance if we knew where he was! 
He has never seen my grandchildren.

Does he know about them all? Well maybe! With social media being what it is, there is no doubt we are fairly transparent, and he was always a devious sort of chap! He presumably doesn't realise that we actually do know exactly where he is!

I am quite sure  he has re-invented himself, and created a narrative that puts him in a better light, no doubt I would have done the same if I had behaved so abominably, you wouldn't want to advertise your abandonment (without money!) of six children, all under twelve.

So if he, or any of his cronies are "looking me up" - here's what he missed out on!

Thank f... he is out of our lives!


Friday, 6 April 2018


It is the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Air Force this year, and it makes me think so much about my Dad, Lewis, who flew Lancaster bombers during the war. 
There wasn't very much about my childhood that I care to remember, but he was one of the very precious and good memories.
I often wonder if my life would have been different, and a bit safer had he lived. He died when I was twelve. 
He was a wonderfully kind and gentle man, had joined the RAF early on, had been mentioned in dispatches,  and flew until he was invalided out after a serious plane crash. He missed the RAF  for the rest of his life, he never quite settled into civilian mode.
I remember as a young child being taken to some of the air shows in Lincolnshire where we lived, and he headed straight to the Lancaster, and as we climbed down the steps he patted the side of "her" I swear there were tears in his eyes. 
He must have been remembering all the people he flew with, all those they lost, all the missions they flew.
But like many who came through the war, he rarely talked about it.Which made that gentle "pat" seem even more poignant.
I wear my RAF pin with pride.