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Friday, 14 December 2018

Put Vincent Nichols in JAIL!

This will be a rant of major proportion, a professional overview, a primal scream, an observation of the situation, and LOTS of very bad language! So if you don't care to hear that,  don't read on!

The subject of my rant as usual, is the narcissistic catholic church, and in particular the hypocritical creep who is the "head" of the church in the UK, Vincent Nichols! What an absolutely loathsome smarmy lying tosser!

He is now, and of course, only  after being well and truly cornered,  having the nerve to "apologise" for covering up clergy childhood sexual abuse!! "Sorry" he says!
What the actual FUCK! 

He has denied, and denied, and lied, and denied some more, and now he says he is "sorry"!
He even says he "now realises" that children who have been so cruelly abused by priests have had their trust in the church damaged"! 

Trust in the church?? You unmitigated moron!!

We have had our WHOLE beings damaged, 
our bodies were damaged , our brains have been damaged, our immune systems have been damaged,  our ability to form relationships and ability to deal with many of of life's challenges have been damaged. Our life expectancy has been reduced, changes in our DNA have occurred, making our various damages to be passed on to our children and their children!

AND he knows that! I have told him, other survivors have told him, lawyers have told him and still patronising, and dismissing all of us, he did a "little sidestep" with lying pants on fire!
Re -abusing us over and over again as he did so.
One wonders how  much evil is one church capable of?

Thanks to the tenacious survivors in Australia, at last we are seeing that other creep,  Pell taken down, hopefully to spend the rest of his life in jail.
Now it is time to lock this bastard up too!
Trust in the church? ---PLEASE !